Flower in a Vase

I saw you lying on the case,

You were just like a flower in a vase.

Still so beautiful as ever.

Looking so alive and clever.

I can never hold you again cause’ your inside that case.

I can just watch and stare at your face.

For they are now burying you with that case.

Tears went down from my eyes,

While I hear them bid their goodbyes.

Now I’ve realised, that you really are just like the flower in the vase.

You will also soon decay on that case.

Just like the beautiful flower in the vase.


By: Larra Juab

Dedication for: Lola Pilar (Grandma)

Personal Message: 

"On the start of the year, a person who is really dear for me died. It was my grandmother. Her death was bittersweet, for she was suffering with an illness for almost 2 years. When I first saw her in her coffin case with her beautiful white dress, the first thought on my head was -She’s still beautiful as ever-. Then I looked around the place and saw these beautiful flowers. That was the time when I told myself that she was like indeed like a beautiful flower a vase. The flower will only stay alive for few days in the vase, but in the end - it will decay too. It will be gone. But unlike my Lola, she will be forever in our hearts and minds. We love her so much. And November 2 is her date of birth too, so this day is really special for me. I know that she is in good hands now. WE LOVE YOU LOLA!"


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Hope ya’ll spread the words and take part! Much love <3